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Friends, family and neighbours safeguarding their children


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Parenting Cooperatives

The safest, happiest, most contented families live in specific regions of the UK that share a similar set of values. Statistically, you would need to live there for three consecutive lifetimes before you might experience any form of domestic abuse

Crimes outside the home are also exceptionally rare; one area with a population comparable to Bradford, employed just four full time Police Officers




Creating your own parenting cooperative


Children are often bullied or coerced to perform inappropriately, easily intimidated and silenced by accusations of 'Racism'. Other children witnessing this can tell their parents who pass this onto the rest of the cooperative. No one should know the name of a witness


Never share your parenting cooperative on social media. Perpetrators usually know everything about children they want to assault. 95% of grooming gang victims were in Social Services Care, according to Operation Green Jacket, Manchester Police, 2019). Others troll the internet targeting fatherless children

Create a personal private list of friends, neighbours and family

Only those that you know and trust

1) Let everyone know you are creating a parenting cooperative, and invite them to call you

2) Safeguarding : keep details, phone numbers, and names away from social media

3) Share any bullying or suspicious behaviour about your children, within your own cooperative

Please let other parents know that Parenting Cooperatives safeguard children


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