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I worked for Children’s Services before the charity registered. I was a whistle blower in a large new children’s home that was later demolished. I also figured out where Grooming gangs sourced private personal information about vulnerable young girls. I discovered a cartel between some local and State officials, some solicitors and child trafficking arrangements between Social Workers and adoption agencies

Born out of a crisis

We began in Bradford 2006 as an informal network of parents with children beaten, sexually assaulted, and bullied at a local school. 2008, we registered as a non-profit Social Enterprise to support local disadvantaged families. 2012, we formally registered as a charity
In 2017, the founder registered as an Expert Witness service for young people’s emotional and behaviour problems. 2019, we formed a national association with Children’s Solicitors. Over the following three years, we supported 647 families in family Court proceedings and answered 1,720 enquiries in the community

1. We evidently prevent bullying, unlawful financial, sexual, and malicious exploitation of vulnerable parents and children

2. We arrange long term community care networks including their natural family, friends, and non-political, humanitarian causes

3. We ensure local authorities honour their duty of care, safeguarding and providing support for all vulnerable families, lawfully without prejudice or favour