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Parenting Coops protect your children


Please get in touch to join in the Thursday evening updates and start your own parenting cooperative

Crisis of faith in protection and safeguarding authorities

Access to Social Services records

Grooming gangs, Police, Social Services and national Child Protection charities
united to betray and persecute children and their parents


 Local Authorities protecting perpetrators instead of children
Check your local authority

 Safeguarding your children within a local parenting cooperative of people you can trust

 Parents asking for help in some regions are more likely to have their children taken into Care

 Parents preventing bullying and exploitation of vulnerable adults and children

 Woke politics have caused a hidden childhood suicide epidemic

 Almost all Domestic Abuse is perpetrated on children dislocated from one or both their parents

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A parenting cooperative only works as an exclusive private phone network of trusted parents in the same neighbourhood. Parents sharing any incidents or concerns with other parents that they know and trust. Proven effective against grooming gangs, parents who exchanged phone numbers and contacted each other, significantly reduced bullying, violence and serious offences against their children

Thursday evenings 6pm to 8pm, coop delegates and parents can join experts and professionals in a confrence call to discuss general problems in their district

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